FREE and Low-Cost Spay and Neuter

The Humane Society of Greater Miami runs two low-cost spay and neuter and preventive health care clinics to serve the pets of Miami-Dade County, one in North Miami Beach and one in Cutler Bay. Click here to learn more about the vaccines and other preventive care services and prices for both clinics.


Current Spay/Neuter Specials: 

FREE Spay/Neuter for Low-Income Miami-Dade Residents

Only at the Miami-Dade County Community Spay Neuter Clinic located in Cutler Bay

FREE spay/neuter services for:

  • Owned pets of low-income qualified* Miami-Dade residents
  • Community Cats

Click here to learn more and make an appointment

OK2SPAY Special

Only at the Miami-Dade County Community Spay Neuter Clinic located in Cutler Bay

Low-cost spay/neuter services for all owned dogs and cats:

  • Owned dogs: $30*
  • Owned cats: $15*

*offer excludes complications.

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FOMAFREE Spay/Neuter for Large Dogs and Puppies

Only at the Gardnar Mulloy Pet Rescue Clinic located in North Miami Beach

FOMA - Friends of Miami Animals - Clinic

Offer FREE for low-income pet owners receiving government assistance for

  • Large breed dogs over 40 lbs
  • All puppies 4-11 months old

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North-Dade Clinic

The North-Dade clinic is located Soffer and Fine Adoption Center; 16101 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, FL 33160 (Get Directions.) Click here to schedule an online Spay/Neuter appointment request or call 305-749-1827. Walk-ins on space-available basis for cats no later than 8:30am.
Spay/Neuter Clinic Hours:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Check-in: 8:00AM  – Pick-up: 3:00PM – 3:30PM

South-Dade Clinic

The Miami-Dade County Community Spay Neuter Clinic is located in Cutler Bay at 10700 S.W. 211 St., Miami, FL 33189 (Get Directions.) Click here to make an online Spay/Neuter appointment request or call 305-749-1854. Walk-ins on space-available basis.
Spay/Neuter Clinic Hours:

Tuesday through Saturday; Drop off 7:00AM – 8:30AM and Pick up 3:00PM – 6:00PM

Spay/Neuter Prices for Cats

Spay/Neuter:Female Cat$50.00
Male Cat$25.00

Spay/Neuter Services for Dogs

In the best interest of your pet's health, all vaccines and dewormers must be administered 2 weeks prior to surgery. If a female is "in heat", there will be an additional $20 charge; if she is pregnant, there will be an additional $20 charge. If a male has one or both testicles retained, there will be an additional $50 charge.
Spay/Neuter:Female 0-25 pounds$90
Female 25-50 pounds$100
Female 50-75 pounds$110
Female 75-100 pounds$120
Male 0-25 pounds$60
Male 25-50 pounds$70
Male 50-75 pounds$80
Male 75-100 pounds$90


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What is spaying/neutering and why should I have it done for my pet?

Spaying and neutering are the surgical sterilization of an animal. It is a routine surgery performed by a veterinarian while an animal is under general anesthetic. The procedure consists of removing certain reproductive organs: in females, the uterus, oviducts and ovaries; in males, the testicles. Under proper veterinary care there is little risk. The animal is usually up and about within one or two days. “Spaying” refers only to female animals; “neutering” can be used in reference to both male and female animals.

A spayed or neutered pet will live a longer, healthier, happier life, will listen better and be easier to train, will be calmer and more affectionate, will be less likely to roam, run away or fight with other animals and will NOT add to the pet overpopulation problem.


Important: Check-in for surgeries with appointments is 8:00am at our North-Dade clinic and 7:00am to 8:30am at our South-Dade clinic (check-in can take 30-60 minutes, so please plan accordingly). After 8:30 am, all surgeries with appointments lose their priority status and become walk-ins subject to space available.
In preparation for all surgeries, pets must be fasted (NO food or treats – water is OK to prevent dehydration) from 8pm the night before surgery. In the best interest of your pet’s health, all vaccines and dewormers must be administered 2 weeks prior to surgery.

**Please Note: If your cat or dog has a pyometra, the doctor will decide whether or not we can perform the surgery. If surgery is performed, the additional cost to the regular spay price can range from an additional $50 to $500. We are NOT equipped to perform emergency pyometra; please go to a private veterinary hospital, emergency clinic or veterinary surgical hospital.


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