Animal Admissions

Surrendering Your Pet

Animal Admissions Philosophy

The Humane Society of Greater Miami is a limited admission, adoption guarantee shelter. We never euthanize due to time or space. We can only accept animals that pass our health and behavioral evaluation. Owned animals and stray animals may be presented for surrender. We recommend stray animals are taken to Miami Dade Animal Services for a better chance of being reunited with their owner.

Hours of Operation

At this time, our intake is by appointment only.

Please submit an Admissions Request form HERE. A member of our team will contact you if/when we have availability to evaluate your pet your pet for admission. Appointment does not guarantee admission. We are not able to accommodate urgent rehoming requests.

If you require immediate assistance, contact Miami Dade Animal Services by dialing 311 or visiting their facility at 3599 NW 79 Avenue, Doral, FL. 33122.

Eligibility and Requirements for Surrender

  • Only dogs and cats are accepted.
  • Animal must pass health and behavioral evaluation.
    • We do not guarantee that we can accept your animal.
    • Admission process may take one hour or more depending on your place in line to be seen.
  • For owned animals: You must show proof of ownership (examples: vet records, Miami Dade tag registration, adoption contracts, microchip registration, etc). You cannot surrender an animal on behalf of a friend or family member without written consent from the owner.
  • Stray Animals: Subject to health and temperament evaluation and usual admission process. Please take ill or injured animals to Miami Dade Animal Services or a private veterinarian.

Admission Donation:

  • Miami Dade County Resident: $30
  • Non-Miami Dade County Residents: $60
  • Each additional pet from the same household: $10 per pet (limit 5 adult pets over 6 months of age per week, per household)
  • Litter fees: $45 per litter (A litter is considered siblings of the same age, less than 6 months of age. Age will be determined by HSGM staff)

We encourage requestors to continue to reach out to find alternative housing options. A member of our team will contact you with next steps should we have the availability to schedule your animal(s) for an admissions evaluation.

Alternatives to Surrendering Your Pet

While we do our best to care for our shelter animals, shelter life can be very stressful for them. Rehoming your pet with family or friends should always be your first option. Admitting your pet to a shelter should be your last resort.

“We’re moving.”

It is absolutely possible to move across town or to another state while keeping your pet as part of your family. Click here for tips on moving with your pet. Click here for assistance in finding pet-friendly housing.

“Family Emergency”

If the reason why you are giving up your pet is because you have a family emergency or you must go out of town suddenly, ask a friend or family member if they can care for your pet until you are able to return. Also, there are lots of reasonably-priced boarding kennels that can be found online.

“Behavioral Issues”

The Humane Society of Greater Miami works closely with professional trainers specializing in behavior modification. These trainers can help dog owners solve many of the basic obedience issues mentioned above.

"I’m allergic to my pet.”

Contact your physician to learn about some of the many effective pet allergy medications on the market. Click here for tips on pets and allergies.

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