Dolly’s Dream Adoption Program

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Connecting Square-Headed Dogs With Their Perfect Human Companions!

We are very excited about our partnership with Dolly’s Dream! Every month, our partners at Dolly’s Dream will be sponsoring some of our “square headed” or bully breed dogs available for adoption at our Soffer and Fine Adoption Center. 

When you choose to adopt one of these special dogs for a reduced adoption fee of only $39.99, you and your new furry best friend will also receive a selection of the  following:

  • Training cratestafforshire bull terriers in front of white background
  • No-pull harness
  • Leash
  • Collar (branded)
  • Personalized ID tag
  • Training treat bag
  • Two(2) chew toys
  • One(1) ball
  • Six(6) months of heartworm prevention
  • Food and water bowls
  • Specialty shampoo
  • Pet insurance 30-day trial
  • Training Available

A total value up to $350!

Meet our Dolly’s Dream Dogs!


September 10


6-year-old | Female | American Bulldog mix | Intake Date: 6/23/21 | Microchipped, Vaccinated and Spayed

September is a silly, sweet girl, and the best snuggler at the shelter!

Named after Earth, Wind and Fire’s feel-good song, September will have you doing a happy dance every day. This chunky, spunky American Bulldog mix is so very loving. Though a little shy at first, she becomes a sweet and snuggly pup once she knows you. Really, she becomes a giant, 64-pound teddy bear with her trusted humans and loves every minute she gets to spend in your arms and lap. The only thing September loves more than quality time with her human is playing with her toys. She’s a puppy at heart and so much fun to have around. Let September be your next furry BFF! Adopt this sweet, snuggle bug today!






3-year-old | Female | Mixed Breed | Intake Date: 11/19/23 | Microchipped, Vaccinated and Spayed

Fifi is a super playful, super sweet girl!

Meet Fifi – an affectionate pup overflowing with love! This 3-year-old mixed breed is not only a cuddle bug but also a true beauty. Fifi warmly welcomes everyone with a beaming smile, a wagging tail, and a shower of kisses! She craves pets and attention, expressing her gratitude with that irresistibly cute smile of hers. Fifi has a fondness for squeaky toys; they rank as her absolute favorite toy ever! Winning her over includes a mix of snuggles and a plush, squeaky toy, but be prepared – she might win YOU over first the moment you meet her! Take the chance to meet Fifi for yourself; you won’t regret falling for such a sweetheart!

Fifi 3

Fifi 2



Ghost GMD


6-year-old | Male | Catahoula Leopard/Bulldog mix | Intake Date: 9/26/20 | Microchipped, Vaccinated and Neutered

Ghost is a shelter favorite and total snuggle bug!

Looking for the kind of dog that will welcome you home with the most adorable happy dance? Just wait until you make Ghost a part of your family! Once Ghost gets to know you and builds a special bond with you, he will pitter patter his feet and wag his tail as soon as he sees you. He is a sweet boy who will “wow” you with his precious personality. He will get close to you to ask for loving pets and then roll right over to ask for a belly rub. Ghost is ready for a family he can finally call his own FOREVER! A family who can show him that true love is worth waiting for.

Ghost dog


Ghost smiling




4-year-old | Female | Bulldog mix | Intake Date: 3/20/21 |Microchipped, Vaccinated and Spayed

Tina is a 4-year-old Bulldog mix with a fun personality!

 Tina is a playful and energetic girl who loves a good adventure. At just four years old, Tina is an energetic and spunky girl. She enjoys spending time in the great outdoors, basking in the sun and enjoying nature. Throw around a toy or take her out with her furry best friend and she will love to run around and play. Once she is done, she will love to settle down for a snuggle with her human. Tina is the perfect mix of playful and sweet, and would be a great addition to your familly!

Tina is ready for a family she can finally call her own FOREVER! A family who can show her that true love is worth waiting for.


Tina During Bingo

Tina with Ally Bandana

CJ with Tina


These lucky Dolly’s Dream dogs had their dream come true “happy tail” endings! 

Harley w logos

Roman w logos

Bella DD


Lucy w logos
Wes - Dolly's Dream pic

MP3_9305 Bruce


sugar dd
Franco DD

ernestine DD

Zack 3 dd LOGO

Caesar DD


gaia DD
Nila Dolly’s Dream

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