Adoption Ambassadors

Will you be their HERO?

Join our Adoption Ambassador program and make a difference!

IMG_5833The Adoption Ambassador program is a special foster care program for select dogs that need extra help meeting their new family. In addition to all standard foster care supplies (food, bowls, toys, bedding and a crate), Ambassador foster dogs go home with an “Adopt Me” collar, leash and bright blue vest. The Ambassador foster dog should be walked, taken to dog parks, dog-friendly restaurants and cafes, dog beaches, Humane Society of Greater Miami adoption events – or any other place where people can meet the dog. Ambassador foster families may be involved in the adoption process as well.


The Bark Around Town program is another great program that allows you to be a foster for just Rocco bark around townone day as you take out one of our doggies to enjoy a day out on the town. Just as an Adoption Ambassador would take a dog to pet-friendly venues and Humane Society adoption events, Bark Around Town participants do the same, but would return the doggie to the shelter after their day of excitement. This program is perfect for those looking to help a doggie socialize and find a home, but cannot necessarily take the pet into their home for extended periods of time.

Becoming a foster parent can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience. To know that you have contributed to saving the life of an animal that otherwise may not have had a chance is a rewarding feeling that you will never forget.



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