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The Humane Society of Greater Miami is a limited admit, adoption guarantee facility dedicated to placing every dog and cat in our care into a loving home, and to promoting responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter programs. Adoption guarantee means that every animal that is admitted to our shelter is free from the threat of euthanasia due to time, space, or treatable medical issues. We provide shelter, food, veterinary care, and plenty of TLC while the dogs and cats wait for their permanent home, no matter how long it takes.

We have been helping homeless animals in Miami-Dade County since 1936. We offer programs and services to educate, inform, and inspire people to take responsible care of their pets and treat animals with the kindness they deserve. With the support of people from across the county, we are helping to create a better community for all.

We are a private, not-for-profit, 501 (c) (3) charitable animal welfare organization supported solely by our programs and services, as well as donations, private grants and fundraising events.



On November 14, 2016, tennis legend, Gardnar Mulloy, passed away at the age of 102. Although he was primarily known for his many feats in tennis, Mulloy was also well-known for his great passion for animals, founding Pet Rescue, Inc. in 1982, which eventually merged with the Humane Society of Greater Miami in 2009. Having been deeply devoted to saving the lives of the homeless animals in the community, one of Mulloy’s many legacies is the Gardnar Mulloy Pet Rescue Clinic located in the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center in North Miami Beach. His passion for the homeless and abandoned animals led him to do everything that he could that would guarantee them a second chance for a life with a loving family to call their own. We thank him for all of the great strides he made for all of the pets in our community and for touching the lives of so many people and animals in so many ways.


Our Services


Become a foster parent.  Be a hero.

Get Involved

Get involved in our cause! Lend a hand to help a paw.

Wish List

Check out our Wish list. Every bit helps!

Humane Education

Our Humane Education Program is instilling the values of kindness and compassion.

Free Spay/Neuter

We offer Free Spay/Neuter services for those who qualify – or for a very low fee.

Pet Therapy

The Pet Therapy Program brings the unique and healing human/animal bond across Miami.

Animal Surrender

Surrendering an animal to a shelter should be your last choice. Learn about all options.


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