Happy Tails

Many thanks to all the wonderful people who have opened up their homes to a new dog, cat, puppy, or kitten. Every year we help thousands of dogs and cats find loving homes. The more we adopt, the more we save!  Help us save more animals by adopting today!  We love to hear from our adopters. Tag us in your “happy tail” photos on Instagram (@humanesocietymiami) or Facebook (@humanesociety305) or email them to [email protected].

 “Thank you Humane Society!!! I’m often encouraging people to adopt, young or old…they are all needy children! Here’s my bundle of joy that I got back in 2012. I named him “Chiqui” (pronounced ‘Cheeky’) and he is the most spoiled thing on this planet…our love is so awesome and I wouldn’t change that for anything!!!” Cee

“Jaxs (left), adopted from the Humane Society, is doing well and is happy as ever!” Natasha

“Lily (or you may remember as “Foxy Lady”) was adopted 2 1/2 years ago. She is hanging out with her sissy and is turning into a real house hound. Samantha & Lily are BFFs. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to add such a wonderful and loving hound to our family.” Jillian



 “We adopted our beloved Cooper (previously named Willie at the shelter) last year on 9/29. He brought us good luck – and was by my side (and on my belly!) throughout my pregnancy. In August, Cooper became a big brother and licks the baby’s feet with love every chance he gets : )” Lisa

“Yes, Koda is the best…he spent 9 months there before we met him.” Jeb

“Thank you so much for everything. Here is a picture of Igor relaxing by the window. He is settling in splendidly. After a few hisses from Cleo, they have made peace and now walk by each other with ease. Igor will have a long happy life full of love. Again, thank you.” Jorge



 “Penny was rescued by the Humane Society and put up for adoption a couple of times. Unfortunately, she was returned to them because of problems that had nothing to do with her. I am very lucky to have her in my life! When I saw her, I fell instantly in love with her and we have been inseparable since then (2 years and counting). She was not a rescue, she rescued me! Mutts are the best dogs. They have the best of the best in them. She is my big baby girl and I wouldn’t change her for anything in the world.” Daniella

“Ever since I adopted Marco from the shelter, I’ve become so attached to him! I fell in love. My boyfriend knew he was the one when Marco licked his nose. I cannot sleep well if Marco isn’t next to me. He never leaves my sight and I never leave his. I want to thank you guys very very much for giving me the opportunity to adopt Marco at your shelter. I was treated with such kindness and given great advice. Marco is growing rapidly and I love it. He is the sweetest dog and I can honestly say that I didn’t save Marco, he saved me! I have donated to you guys and I will keep on giving donations. I am so glad you give these beautiful little guys a second chance at love.” Hazel

“Thank you so much for my lovable, 50 lb, Lab mix, now 1 1/2 year old “Seven” that I adopted from you in September 2013. I had just lost my baby “Doggy” of almost 18 years and was so sad. I missed my soul mate of so many years. My heart was broken. My house was so quiet; I could not stand it another day. Some say to wait to adopt, but I did not think I could. I started going to the shelters. I met Seven at the Humane Society in North Miami. I had been to the shelter once before and also to another shelter in Broward. This day I was back in North Miami and came in and listed a few dogs I wanted to see. Seven was the first one to come into the room. We looked at each other. She then came over to me, gave me a gentle hug, got up on my lap and just stayed there. I didn’t need to see any other dog. I knew she was the one to RESCUE ME. Thank you so very much.” Susan



“Just adopted this beautiful Maltese Mix yesterday and I love him! He is great with my other dog and already feels at home. His name is Scooby Barradas.” N Milagros

 “We adopted Blossom last year. She was a perfect addition to our family. Thanks for all that you do to give dogs a home.” Natazha

“Stella was adopted 6 yrs ago with a broken leg (named “Stellar”- pre adoption).” Sandra



 “I adopted ‘Freddie’ 2 months ago from you guys; he’s doing great!” Greg

“My Negry!” Dayron

“Gregory aka Toretto- the love of my life!” Elena



 “This is our boy Poncho (left) adopted in Sept. 2005. He’s 14 now, and has been the greatest boy! We love him so much!” John

“This is how we wake up! Love my baby girl CiCi, a.k.a Clairitta, to the bone. I can’t imagine life without her soul with mine. Thank you, Jennifer, for blessing my life and family with her.” Dana

“Pandora, adopted about a year ago from the Humane Society of Greater Miami…here she is enjoying the park. We could not ask for anything better than this girl. Thank you!” Ana Paula 


“I adopted this adorable Terrier mix last week. I named him Sage, and we are sharing our love together just fine. He is so smart, tentative and is learning very fast. He loves to watch car drifting videos with me and watches the Xbox games when I play them!!!” Dana

“Please let Dale know that everything has worked out wonderfully with Buddy and our family. He is such an awesome dog that it is hard to believe that he was picked up on the streets or lived in the shelter for 6 months. Not one accident in the house, he listens to commands, loves to be hugged and cuddled, and shares toys with his new doggie family. Everything went well with introducing him to our dogs. It is like he was meant to be with us forever. I only regret we didn’t find him earlier, but I think if you asked him he would say he won the doggie lottery.” Lara

“Hello everyone! This is my lovely Chuchu and I adopted him from you guys on January 2013. His name was Tony when he was there. I came back to my home country with him and now he is my family member. My parents love him so much and bring him everywhere. I am so happy I am with him now.” Isabella 


 “We named him Chance! We are a young couple from South Florida:  William C George IV is a young USMC veteran and I’m Natalie, a 22 year old student. We adopted him from the Humane Society of Greater Miami in March when he was 3 months old after my dog, who was 11 yrs old, passed away. Thank you for completing my family and thank you for this wonderful boy. We truly love him.” Natalie

“Charlie (aka Edgar to the HS) is ready for some kayaking. He misses you guys and wants to send a special hug to his best buddy Kovu (Jeep).” Daniel

“Hi, just wanted to share some photos of my little sweetie, Sam. He was featured in a video on your page and was previously known as Ace. He is an absolute doll and already attached at my hip! He has completely stolen my heart, loves to snuggle and runs in circles when it’s time to go for a walk. Pretty energetic for a so-called ‘senior’!” Amy 


 “Milo has a new home!!!” Margarita

“Scotty (aka Donny) taking a nap after a long day. He was adopted 4 years ago and brought so much happiness to our home. Thank you!” Laura

“Vince Vaughn likes the fish tank!” Andrea 


 “Happiness is having Parker, formally known as Fuzzy…Happy holidays!!!” Jackie

“Just got home from running an errand, then Daffy decided to run into my arms and fall asleep.”  Elizabeth

“I’m Chulpi, formerly known as Saturn. I was adopted in August 2014!” Francisco 


  “My family named me Maui, but my previous name was Chika. I was adopted when I was 9 months old. I love my new home and my family. The memories I’ve shared so far with them are far beyond what I expected. I love to be carried and to lie on the sofa and watch TV.” Sabina

“I thought I would let you all know that Luna (Becca) is doing great in our home. Thanks for everything guys and gals.” Eric

“My family named me aurora, but Greer was my previous name. I was only 2 months old when I got adopted. I love my new home and it’s been a year and six months since I left the shelter. The memories I’ve shared with my new family are far better than I expected. I love them with all my heart.” Sabina 



 “We adopted Nestlé, formerly known as Nessie, the day after Thanksgiving. As you can see, she is settled in and waiting for Santa! We just love her to pieces.” Amanda

“Happy holidays from Bobo. Wishing all his old buddies warm and loving homes!” Irena

“Here is my Pom baby, Archie, who was rescued from the Humane Society of Greater Miami 3 years ago.” Shannon 


 “We have had Buttons for one month and she brings much more happiness to our home. We want to thank Dale for her help.” Luciana

“I never had in my mind the option of adopting a pet, but in February at Amelia Park we adopted our first dog from you guys and she is a very very special pet. Her name was Cindy but she never responded to that name so we changed it too Luna! Thank you guys for the special care you give to all of these animals before they get a new home.” Ambar 

“Here is Lea, who is now Barby…we absolutely adore her and she is adjusting beautifully to her fur-brothers. Thank you for allowing us to adopt this little angel Cari 


“Yes, in 2004 Snow became part of our family and he is our amazing furry son.” Laz 

 “On Saturday, September 6th, we were lucky enough to have adopted Bella aka Sahara.” Michelle

“Here is my sweet Idgie (Rose) who we adopted on May 2014. My baby girl is my blessing and I’m honored to be hers.” Mary Beth 


“Soooo happy with our new doggie, Lady!” Maria 

“Thank you Humane Society of Greater Miami, and especially Landas, for all your help with bringing the most amazing dog into my life. I adopted Molly last Tuesday and she is incredible. She loves her new home.” Robert

 “I adopted Rocky and Tuxedo. I love them!” Valentina 


“Who adopted who??? LOL! We got Maximus after he was returned twice to the shelter last year…We are very blessed to have found him.” Madeline 

“Our rescue, Tripod loves hanging out in the bunny cage; I’m not sure how the bunny feels, though!” Patricia

 “Hello my name is Yuri. Just to show you guys Han (now George)- I adopted him when he was only 6 weeks old. He was the perfect addition to our family now, with his brother Erik and his two sisters.  He enjoys himself at the dog park; even swimming at the lake. Thank you guys!” Yuri 


“This is Mr. General. He was adopted three weeks ago and we love this guy!” Andrea 

“Betty had an amazing time on the trails today at Oleta and then insisted on taking a dip!!!” Jillian

 “An update on Nina and Leah, whom I adopted from you guys.” Tania 


“Buddy is now home and got a good check up today at the vet. I also have his sister Sleepy, and she is a very good girl. Thanks again.” Julie Seyss-Smith 

“There is a loving family for every animal waiting in the shelter, no matter how long it takes! Beautiful Fudge was such an incredibly good and friendly boy.  We just could not understand why he was not getting adopted. It took 650 days before we adopted him!” Chuck Handy Sr.

 “This is our Ranger. My family adopted him a year ago on July 1. He has been great to our family and to his sister Shelby!” John Harbinson 


“I love my babies Layla and Dixon!” Marisol Barrientos 

“Sagan is such a good son! Thanks for finding him for me!!!” Debbie Anderson

 “Jonas (Joey) is all snuggled into his forever home!” Charity Livingston 


“Adopting was the best thing we have ever done. Our cat Zumi has brought us so much joy!” Liz Hughes 

“This is Rocko, formally known as Hunter. We adopted him from you about 2 years ago after seeing him on the news one morning. We went that very same day and brought him home. We love him to pieces. Thought you would want to see how he is doing.” Liana Marrero

 “Pretty Cookie is with Johnnie and she has done wonders for him. A great dog indeed; Adopted two years ago.” Veronica Gonzalez


“Just wanted to let you know that Ballou is doing great!!! We adopted her two months ago, and she loves her new home (and our bed). She is only 4 months but she behaves very well. We also got her a tall kitty condo with the scratching poles that she enjoys! We love our little baby very much, and she is one smart kitty!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!” Jenya Gallardo 

“An update on Angie, the 14 year old Chow mix I adopted a few weeks ago: she’s loving life, happy to relax all day when I’m at work and overjoyed when I get home. Please, don’t get me started about how happy she is to go for a walk! Take it from me, adopting an older dog was the best decision I could have made. My next dog is going to have a LOT to live up to!” Errol Portman

 “Thought you would like to see how Whitey is doing. She was the little kitty who was missing a leg…Well here she is now, happy, healthy and content. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to give her a happy ending. Here she is basking in the morning sun.” Susan Grundner

“Almost exactly two years ago, we stumbled across baby Zeal at the Humane Society of Greater Miami. We offered to foster him but ended up adopting him afterwards. It was easily the best decision we have ever made. Although adoption isn’t easy, it is truly the most rewarding thing to do. Zeal is the best thing that’s ever happened to us and if you’re on the fence about adopting, I truly recommend it.” Kaitlyn Vereb 

“This is Laredo. My sister and I adopted him earlier this July. He is the most adorable cat, ever!!! He is so sweet and friendly. It was unbelievable when one of the workers told us that people didn’t adopt him because he had three legs. He was so sweet I just had to take him home. The first day he was sniffing around looking at everything and three days after he is already jumping on the couch to sit next to us when we are watching TV or when I’m laying down he comes and lays next to me and sleeps. I’m so glad we adopted him.” Paula Kyōki No Hiyoko

 “We just celebrated Hazel Nut’s 8th birthday and had to send a note to say THANK YOU for rescuing her as a tiny 8 week old with no manners and sharp razor teeth! LOL. She grew so fast that I know she would have had a hard time getting adopted at a later age. We are so grateful to you! She is our heart and our glue to this family! Thanks to you she has known nothing but love and affection for her whole life!” Melody Hill‎ 

“Almost a year ago, I encountered my baby while volunteering at the Humane Society of Greater Miami. She was weak and could barely stand on her 4 little paws. Found inside a box with no food, she had to stay hospitalized under the care of the veterinarians.  My family and I decided to foster her right away, and we just couldn’t let her go.  From her Humane Society name “Bella” now she is Fiona (currently 11 months old) and the most spoiled dog in the world!  She sleeps with me under the covers every night, loves the beach/kayaking/pool car rides, and everywhere we go, she goes.  She is my best friend and partner!  Love her to death!” Isabella B. Maia


“Monica, Jennifer and Staff, I wanted to say thank you for your assistance in transitioning SAMMY to his new home.  He’s been great, gets along with the neighborhood dogs and is terrific with people. You guys took great care of SAMMY on his 4 month visit and I want to thank your volunteers who took so good care of him. He definitely has Jan and I wrapped around his paw. Continued success … you’re doing a great service for animal rescue and we’re fortunate to have brought SAMMY into our lives.” Jack & Jan Bennings

 “My boyfriend and I adopted Bailey on March 2012. I honestly wasn’t looking for a mix breed dog and really wanted a Siberian Husky. When we went to the Humane Society of Greater Miami, I was very optimistic on what kind of dogs I was going to see. Once James (my boyfriend) saw Bailey, he knew right then and there that she was coming home with us. I can say we made the right decision on adopting her. She is by far the best dog! We can’t imagine our lives without her. She is our child! Keep up the good work! Hopefully, we make our way back to Miami to adopt another dog from you guys!” Stefany Sagastizado

“We took George and Jane home with us almost 2 years ago. They came as a package deal and it didn’t take long to figure out why. These best friends have become our best friends. They have traveled around the entire country with us and it has been an amazing journey.  We have enjoyed watching their confidence grow in different situations. They have certainly won our hearts and we can’t imagine our lives without them!” Kim Lantz 

“Gypsy, whom we had the pleasure of adopting last year from the Humane Society of Greater Miami waits for Thanksgiving leftovers with her “husband” Diego. Please tell Jen that we say hi! She was the one who helped Gypsy find her home with us Gypsy is sooo full of love and we love her so much!” Caitlin Granfield

 “Harper, who now goes by Gizmo, has fit right in with our family. He has gone traveling with us to Ocala, Gainesville, and even Disney World! He gets along great with his brother, Dexter, and is adored by his aunt and grandparents. Although we are still working on a few behavioral issues, his trainer has told us that he is a very smart and loving boy (we totally knew that). ” Ceny Chiong

“Here is Athena watching TV. She and my other dog are getting used to each other but it is all good. Athena likes pillows and sleeping under the covers. She is doing well with house training… much easier with another dog to show her the ropes.” Julie Ross Myers‎

“Today we adopted Black Jack aka Milo. He has already come out of his shell and is a great little guy. He is the king of the castle!! Thank you everyone for helping us find our new family member!” Karie Agnew

 “Thank you to the Humane Society of Greater Miami for introducing Marino into our lives. We are so happy to have given him his forever home. He is doing great and loves playing with his big brother.” Pat Carlisle Smith

“I adopted Dobby from the Humane Society two years ago. He is my partner in crime. I take him everywhere, even to the Home Depot.” Nicole Fresard

“Blu (formerly Beauty) is doing great on her three paws. She’s been all around town from fishing to couch warming and is becoming certified to visit children in the hospital.” Kira Gawlak‎

 “Hello everybody!! I’m happy in my new home and my daddies are amazing! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Thanks for everything you did for me! A special kiss to Flash, all my brothers and sisters and all the volunteers! Love, Dario” Lorenzo Lucarelli Letts‎ 


spot and molly

Hi! My name is SPOT! I am appropriately named SPOT cause….well….I have a big spot on my rump! Oh, yes! I have one on my nose too! I arrived at the Humane Society of Greater Miami in a very pathetic state. I was malnourished, weak and suffering from a host of tummy issues. I wasn’t even inside yet when my mom, Arleen, (an employee of the Humane Society) spotted me. Her heart broke when she saw me. She immediately got me inside and made sure I was checked out! She said she would foster me before I even got processed! After a few days of wonderful care at the Humane Society, I went home with Arleen to meet her children, Emma and Mickey, and her furry baby Molly.

Guess what! I was a hit! Molly and I became the best of friends and her kids…HA…I won them over just like that! (If I weren’t a dog I would snap my fingers!) One day they sat down to make the decision on whether or not they were going to keep me…I heard them talking. I just used my fabulous love muffin skills and laid my head on Emma’s lap, then I licked her nose…and that sealed the deal! took only 5 minutes! Now, I totally have my mom wrapped around my little toe…but I prefer her belly rubs! I know I make her day, EVERYDAY. I LOVE my FOREVER family!!!!!!” sent by Mom Arleen 

Cholita and Cecil

“BFFs: Cholita and Cecil, both adopted.” Tatiana


Titus“Titus (Sneezy) is ready for another Championship!!!! All Smiles over here!” Jasmine

Sweet Tea.“This weekend marks the one year anniversary of Sweet Tea’s adoption—thank you for my forever home!” Melinda 

    Baset          “This is Baset our Egyptian Mau. You might remember her as Wally. We adopted her from you in April of 2011 after she spent nearly two years in your care. She has been a lively addition to our little family. She’s still as playful as ever and a very skilled jumper! We love her so much!” Nikki

Sarita“A year ago today, I was told that I was doing a wonderful thing by adopting these two babies. I never realized that I was the lucky one or how much I would come to adore them. Thank you, Humane Society of Greater Miami for bringing these precious little ones into my life and for taking such good care of them before I could!” Sarita

Gucci“Today is Gucci and my 2 year Anniversary! He ran up and adopted me there when he was 8 weeks old and here he is at 2. His name was Tinker then lol I have been sooo blessed with my BFF and such a cool,,loving,,beautiful,,sweet,,easygoing,,lil man “dogcat.”  =^.^=” Candi

Princess“Miss Princess is about 6 months old now! I walked into the shelter not expecting to walk out with anything & I ended up walking out with my “Princess”. I love her! She is definitely treated like a Princess too . Can’t imagine my crazy life without her.” Cara 
    Kanga        “Thank for my special gift one year ago … I wasn’t excepting her but I love her none the less. She makes me laugh every day. Hugs and kisses from Kanga and her mommy.” Ellen



Becca “This Becca who I rescued back in 07 when my mother passed away. I took her to Petsmart to have her nails done teeth brushed ears clean & nice bath this was on the was home mind you she was in the back seat with her head on the arm rest.” Sandford


“I adopted Dallas (Dodge) as a tiny 7 week old baby and now he’s growing into such a handsome little guy at 6 months! Having a blast with my new best friend.” Ashley 

Bo Bo (Jake)

“Hi! We want to thank you so much for Bobo who we finally renamed as Jake. He’s beautiful, loving to everyone and so smart. We’re so happy to have him in the family! Thank You!!!!” Thomas and Michelle 

Fiona and Augustine

“HSGM alumni ” Princess Fiona ” and ” Aurelius ” say hi, thank you for saving us and we are doing awesome in out fur-ever home!” Shannon 



Koni and Kona’s Story

Koni and Kona

Our furry companions enrich our lives in small and amusing ways every day—by making us laugh, keeping us company and offering us unconditional love. Every now and then though, we come across an animal that also teaches us a lesson in life. This is a story about loyalty, dedication and love. A story is about two German Shepherds, Koni and Kona, who were abandoned by their owner, but, they stayed loyal and did not abandon each other.

Koni and Kona were abandoned at the Humane Society of Greater Miami, tied to the fence. They were left late in the evening without food or water.  Koni, desperate and scared, gnawed through his leash.  Although he was free to escape, the bond he has with his companion, Kona, is so strong that he stayed with her all night. He stayed by her side and watched over her until a Humane Society of Greater Miami employee came to help. And that is pure love and dedication.

It is because of these inspiring stories of dog dedication and love, more and more people are starting to learn just how wonderful dogs are. They understand that dogs feel love, loyalty and dedication.

Koni and Kona were adopted, together, to a wonderful and loving family!


Oliver’s Story

oli happy tail


Being part of a lifesaving journey of innocent and suffering animals is both incredibly inspiring and rewarding. Yes, we bring them hope and the joy of being loved, but they too, change our lives forever. Some of them, like Oliver, will always have a special place in our hearts.

It was back in April when our Humane Society of Greater Miami first learned about Oliver, a dog brought to Miami-Dade Animal Services in a condition that was beyond painful and inhumane. He was literally skin and bones with not a hair on his body, due to sever Demedex mange.  He was one of the saddest dogs that we had ever met and completely terrified of everything and everyone. We just had to bring him into our care and give him a chance.

It was a heartbreaking experience. Oliver had to be carried to and from the car. He was unable to stand on his legs. Our medical team said the only hope for Oliver was to be placed in a loving foster home so he can recover both physically and emotionally and learn to trust people once again.

“It was not easy,” his foster Mom, Laura, recalls. “When I first met Oliver he was beyond scared – he was, literally, paralyzed by fear. My heart would break imagining the inhumanity that he had suffered. The dedicated technicians showed him unconditional love – feeding him treats and carrying him outdoors so he could go to the bathroom and enjoy the sun on his face.

The first day it took two hours to get him up the stairs and into my home.  As the weeks went by, he slowly fell into a routine and some of his hair started growing back. You could see the beginning of the beautiful brindle coat he once had. I smile every day. I look at him with such an overwhelming amount of joy –I am so proud of him, just for walking up the stairs, or coming to me with a poor ratted toy in his mouth and wanting to play.”

Laura spent almost five months with Oliver, slowly introducing him back to our adoption shelter. Despite his initial shyness, Oliver loved being around other dogs. We hoped his forever home would include another furry friend. And that is exactly what happened!

In October, at the 24 hour Mega Match-a-thon adoption event, Tiffany and Ryan saw Oliver – and it was love at first sight. Their desire to have Oliver join their family, which already included a little Maltese, grow even bigger upon learning of his incredible journey. From the moment we introduced Oliver to them, we knew it was meant to be. There was an unspoken connection. We are so excited about every update received from Tiffany, sharing with us photos and adorable or funny moments with Oliver. The biggest joy was witnessing the amazing bond created with Olaf, their little Maltese. They became inseparable.

Oliver’s story is one of hope and inspiration. It was incredibly rewarding seeing his recovery and a goofy and friendly expression replace the one of heartbreaking fear and sadness. We are proud to be part of every animal’s journey to find deserved love and a forever home.


The day we met Oliver in April 2014


Oliver’s great progress in his foster home


Oliver in September 2014, healthy and happy!


We need your help!

We were able to help Oliver thanks to a generous grant from the ASPCA, The Angel Fund, that enables us to provide medical care for animals we transfer from Miami-Dade Animal Services. There are a lot of animals that come through our doors daily and many need medical help. To be able to help as many as we can, we have developed a Second Chance Fund. This fund was created to pay for treatments and services that are above and beyond the standard preventive vaccines and medical care that every animal receives and for services that may not be available through our own clinics. Please make a donation to our Second Chance Fund to help us provide medical care for animals in need, like A/F Oliver, who have nowhere else to go for help. We are not government funded and need the support of our community to be able to serve the abandoned and needy animals. Click here or call 305-749-1816 to make a donation today.


From in-shelter support to at-home foster care, volunteers are needed in every part of the work we do. Our volunteers help make the world a more humane place for animals. Join our volunteer team! Foster an animal! BE A HERO! After attending our volunteer orientations, you may volunteer at your convenience; we understand how busy you are and do not require you to commit to a schedule. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities and our foster care program.


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