As a private, not-for-profit, charitable animal welfare organization, we rely on the community to help us fulfill our mission of finding a loving home for all the dogs and cats in our care and promoting responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter programs. From in-shelter support, to at-home foster care, volunteers are needed in every part of the work we do. Our volunteers help make the world a more humane place for animals.

You must be at least 16 years of age to volunteer. We also allow school and court mandated community service hours excluding the following charges: violence of any kind, DUI, drug, theft, and felonies.



Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer! You are one step closer to joining our team of heroes and helping countless tails wag and many kitties purr! Follow the below steps to begin your life-changing journey towards becoming a Humane Society of Greater Miami Volunteer.

  1. Attend a Volunteer Orientation. Orientations are held the 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month at our Soffer and Fine Adoption Center, located at 16101 West Dixie Highway, North Miami Beach, FL 33160. Orientation begins at 12:00PM and lasts approximately 1 hour – 1.5 hours long. Seats are limited to 60 per orientation, so it is recommended that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to secure your spot. Prospective volunteers ages 16-17 years old must come accompanied by one parent/guardian.

Please note: There will be NO orientation on August 18, 2018.

  1. Fill out and submit Volunteer Application, Agreement and Release Form at the end of the orientation. 
  2. Schedule your Volunteer Tour and Training session. A schedule of possible training days and times will be available at the orientation.  Prospective volunteers will put their name and email on the schedule for the day/time of their choosing.

Once you have completed the necessary training and have received your volunteer schedule, you are ready to begin saving lives as an official Humane Society of Greater Miami Volunteer!

For questions about the program and requirements, please call 305-749-1843 or email [email protected]




  • Type labels for thank-you post cards to individuals who have donated to the organization
  • Stuff envelopes
  • Data entry
  • Clear out voicemails
  • File/fax
  • Shred paper and/or make copies
  • Other duties as needed
  • Provide clients with information of our programs, services and/or pricing
  • Solicit sales and donations for new additional services
  • Greet and direct clients
  • Provide accurate information regarding specific animals to potential adopters
  • Assist with meet and greets
  • Assist with adoption process and paperwork
  • Filing
  • Adoption emails
  • Inventory
  • Boutique restock
  • Other duties as needed
  • Walk dogs for 15 minutes each outside through our specified walking path or take them to our fenced park for 10 minutes for exercise/play time
  • Clean up after the dogs while outside of their cages
  • Play and supervise dogs while at the park
  • Make sure dogs have fresh clean water while at the park
  • Communicate any behavioral or physical observations to staff members and/or on health log
  • Spend time and give individual attention to each animal
  • Rough play not permitted
  • Gently pet animals speak lovingly and give approved treats
  • Inform supervisor regarding any issues
  • Stay within your assigned area
  • Maintain self-cleanliness in order to prevent cross contamination (wash hands and arms when going between sections or rooms)
  • Assisting with animal feeding
  • Help with spot checking animal’s quarters
  • Assist Kennel staff with cleaning kennel windows and borders
  • Other duties as needed
  • Monitor animals from surgery
  • Sterilize and assemble surgical instruments
  • Clean cages
  • Prepare e-collars
  • Help keep surgical and front desk area tidy
  • Assist with animal pick up after surgery
  • Assist with laundry (South Clinic Only)
  • Other duties as needed
  • Wash food/water dishes in both canine and feline kitchens
  • Make sure kitchen area is organized and clean
  • Help clear out garbage and cardboard material in appropriate receptacles
  • Wash and dry towels, blankets, and toys
  • Help distribute laundry to appropriate departments
  • Help organize toy into different bins
  • Other duties as needed
  • Bathe dogs
  • Ensure dogs are properly rinsed and dried
  • Ensure any fleas and ticks are removed
  • Record which animals have been bathed in the proper log
  • Disinfect bathing area once shift has ended
  • Make sure bathing area is tidy once shift has ended
  • Other duties as needed
  • Ensure pets have a high quality photo for website
  • Clean up after animals as needed and communicating any physical or behavioral observations
  • Maintain organized list in order for the animals to be correctly identified in the camera
  • Use noises, toys and treats to get the attention of the animals
  • Sanitize area once photo session is complete
  • Take high quality photos during outreach events to be used in our website and/social media/print
  • Other duties as needed
  • Event and outreach volunteers will provide customer service during events
  • Help set up and run booths, registration, selling tickets and/or merchandise
  • Provide clients with information of our programs, services and/or pricing
  • Count and track donations and ticket sales during events
  • Help handle and provide information about animal’s onsite that are available for adoption
  • Make sure animals are comfortable during events, providing water and potty breaks
  • Other duties as needed
Care for special needs animals in your home temporarily until they are ready to return to the shelter and made available for adoption.

  • Provide temporary housing, care and socialization
  • Appropriately dispense medication if necessary
  • Bring animal in for scheduled vaccines or surgery appointments
  • Communicate with foster care coordinator regarding health issues
  • Provide 24-hour care on specific foster case
    • Please note that this volunteer position involves a great amount of time and an emotional commitment. These tiny babies may require around the clock care. Children should not handle these fragile pets. Potential Foster Care Volunteers must provide proof that their own pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations and must be spayed or neutered. For more information visit our Foster Care Page.


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