Happy Tails

Many thanks to all the wonderful people who have opened up their homes to a new dog, cat, puppy, or kitten. Our adoption program has greatly improved and we are proud to report that in 2013 we placed over 3,200 wonderful pets into loving homes. The more we adopt, the more we save!  Help us save more animals by adopting today!  We love to hear from our adopters. Post your stories and photos on our Facebook page or email them to  dani@humanesocietymiami.org

spot and molly

Hi! My name is SPOT! I am appropriately named SPOT cause….well….I have a big spot on my rump! Oh, yes! I have one on my nose too! I arrived at the Humane Society of Greater Miami in a very pathetic state. I was malnourished, weak and suffering from a host of tummy issues. I wasn’t even inside yet when my mom, Arleen, (an employee of the Humane Society) spotted me. Her heart broke when she saw me. She immediately got me inside and made sure I was checked out! She said she would foster me before I even got processed! After a few days of wonderful care at the Humane Society, I went home with Arleen to meet her children, Emma and Mickey, and her furry baby Molly.

Guess what! I was a hit! Molly and I became the best of friends and her kids…HA…I won them over just like that! (If I weren’t a dog I would snap my fingers!) One day they sat down to make the decision on whether or not they were going to keep me…I heard them talking. I just used my fabulous love muffin skills and laid my head on Emma’s lap, then I licked her nose…and that sealed the deal! took only 5 minutes! Now, I totally have my mom wrapped around my little toe…but I prefer her belly rubs! I know I make her day, EVERYDAY. I LOVE my FOREVER family!!!!!!” sent by Mom Arleen 

Cholita and Cecil “BFFs: Cholita and Cecil, both adopted.” Tatiana


Titus“Titus (Sneezy) is ready for another Championship!!!! All Smiles over here!” Jasmine

Sweet Tea.“This weekend marks the one year anniversary of Sweet Tea’s adoption—thank you for my forever home!” Melinda 

    Baset          “This is Baset our Egyptian Mau. You might remember her as Wally. We adopted her from you in April of 2011 after she spent nearly two years in your care. She has been a lively addition to our little family. She’s still as playful as ever and a very skilled jumper! We love her so much!” Nikki

Sarita“A year ago today, I was told that I was doing a wonderful thing by adopting these two babies. I never realized that I was the lucky one or how much I would come to adore them. Thank you, Humane Society of Greater Miami for bringing these precious little ones into my life and for taking such good care of them before I could!” Sarita

Gucci“Today is Gucci and my 2 year Anniversary! He ran up and adopted me there when he was 8 weeks old and here he is at 2. His name was Tinker then lol I have been sooo blessed with my BFF and such a cool,,loving,,beautiful,,sweet,,easygoing,,lil man “dogcat.”  =^.^=” Candi

Princess“Miss Princess is about 6 months old now! I walked into the shelter not expecting to walk out with anything & I ended up walking out with my “Princess”. I love her! She is definitely treated like a Princess too . Can’t imagine my crazy life without her.” Cara 
    Kanga        “Thank for my special gift one year ago … I wasn’t excepting her but I love her none the less. She makes me laugh every day. Hugs and kisses from Kanga and her mommy.” Ellen



Becca “This Becca who I rescued back in 07 when my mother passed away. I took her to Petsmart to have her nails done teeth brushed ears clean & nice bath this was on the was home mind you she was in the back seat with her head on the arm rest.” Sandford


“I adopted Dallas (Dodge) as a tiny 7 week old baby and now he’s growing into such a handsome little guy at 6 months! Having a blast with my new best friend.” Ashley 

Bo Bo (Jake)

“Hi! We want to thank you so much for Bobo who we finally renamed as Jake. He’s beautiful, loving to everyone and so smart. We’re so happy to have him in the family! Thank You!!!!” Thomas and Michelle 

Fiona and Augustine

“HSGM alumni ” Princess Fiona ” and ” Aurelius ” say hi, thank you for saving us and we are doing awesome in out fur-ever home!” Shannon 


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