The “Sweet 16” – Abandoned dogs in search for love


sweet 16

Miami, FL — Wednesday, April 15, 2015 – The Humane Society of Greater Miami is happy to announce that a few of the 16 Maltese mix dogs that were abandoned in front of the Soffer and Fine facility ten days ago are being placed for adoption today.

“We have received an overwhelming response from the community,” said Laurie Hoffman, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Greater Miami. “People were calling us from all over South Florida, making monetary and in-kind donations, and filling out applications to offer their home and their love to these poor little dogs in need.”

The 16 dogs, whom we fondly named “The Sweet 16” were all terribly matted the day we met them, many with feces matted into their fur. They were all very scared. Our medical team took wonderful care of the animals, grooming them and providing them with the medical attention they so terribly needed. “It was heartwarming seeing these poor little dogs get more comfortable and trusting of our staff day by day and seeing their affectionate and loving personalities emerge,” said Hoffman.

All 16 dogs will be placed for adoption over the next week or so. We are appreciative of every application we receive and we will make the best possible matches for these special needs animals.


Miami, FL — Tuesday, April 07, 2015 – All 16 dogs are progressing nicely. They have been processed, bathed, tested, shaved and are all receiving constant care and attention. They are all shy and a little unsure of what is happening, but some have already begun to let us hold them. We are confident that gradually their personalities will come out and they will trust us soon enough.  Keep checking back with us to see when they will be ready for adoption. To make a donation, please CLICK HERE, or for more information, please call 305-749-1803.



Miami, FL — Friday, April 03, 2015 – As the Humane Society of Greater Miami’s staff arrived to open the shelter this morning, they encountered a horrific situation. A total of 16 Maltese mix dogs were abandoned in front of the facility, sometime during the night, stuffed – literally on top of each other – in two crates. “We are not sure how long these poor dogs were left cramped inside the filthy crates, but it was a heartbreaking situation,” said Laurie Hoffman, Executive Director of the Humane Society of Greater Miami.

The dogs are currently being examined by the shelter veterinary team. They are all terribly matted, many with feces matted into their fur and very scared. Two of them have mats the size of an eggplant; it is absolutely horrendous. Even ones that don’t have feces matted into their fur are discolored from stepping and living in urine, feces and filth. The team has reported that in addition to the outward appearance of mats and filth, many have severe dental disease and may eventually need to have teeth extracted. Further examinations and tests are currently being conducted.

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“This is sickening,” said Hoffman. “How anyone can neglect dogs to eventually get to this condition is just terrible. While we are happy that someone had the decency to bring them here, the condition that these poor dogs are in is absolutely inhumane. All the dogs are very scared and we are doing our best to calm them down, stabilize them and ensure they are provided all the medical care they need.”

All 16 dogs will be quarantined for 7-14 days to make sure they are healthy and adoptable. They are currently being processed, bathed, vaccinated and will be microchipped and spayed or neutered at the appropriate time.

If you would like to donate to our Second Chance Fund** to help with the care for these poor dogs, please make a donation on our website at: 

**The Humane Society of Greater Miami’s Second Chance Fund Program was developed to be used to pay for outside veterinary services that are not available through our own clinics. The Second Chance Fund gives supporters a way to share their love of animals in a very special way—by helping to nurse a pet back to health and give him a second chance in life.

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