Photo and Film Requests

The Humane Society of Greater Miami welcomes photographers and videographers for media, research, or school purposes to visit our facilities. However, in order to ensure the safety and comfort of our animals and to prevent disruption to our regular visitors and staff, we ask that all interested parties fill out a request form in advance. This will ensure a member of our staff can escort you and/or your team around the shelter and answer any questions.

We also ask businesses and organizations to fill out a request when interested in a photo shoot featuring our shelter animals with their products or brand. We do accept proposals for photo shoots with our animals; however, due to the time and resources a photo shoot requires from the Humane Society of Greater Miami, the details will need to be discussed further after the request is received.

Requests will be evaluated on the basis of subject matter and project title. Therefore, you are encouraged but not required, to attach script pages, storyboards, or any others details which would assist our staff in evaluating and accommodating your request.

Please send in requests at least one week in advance to ensure proper processing. We may be unable to process your request if submitted incomplete or without adequate lead time.

Please fill out the HSGM Photo and Film Request Form and send by email to

The Humane Society of Greater Miami is open for photography and/or filming purposes Tuesday–Friday from 12pm-6pm (excluding holidays). Please indicate if a weekend request is needed, however, weekends are generally harder to schedule and may or may not be available.

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