Oaklawn Pet Cemetery

No longer by my side, but forever in my heart. 

Oaklawn Pet Cemetery

Founded in 1940, the Humane Society of Greater Miami’s Oaklawn Pet Cemetery is dedicated as a final resting place and token of love and remembrance for our faithful companions who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Providing a dignified farewell for your pet is the last act of love you can offer them, and it is an important act of closure. We take honor in providing not only a special resting place for your pet, but a peaceful sanctuary for you to spend time in remembrance of your beloveds. Our cemetery is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for visitation.

For more information about laying your pet to rest at the Humane Society of Greater Miami’s Oaklawn Pet Cemetery, view our brochure here.

If you wish to memorialize your pet in name only, we are also pleased to offer engraved bricks to honor the memory of a beloved pet. Your customized memorial brick will be permanently placed at the peaceful and serene Oaklawn Pet Cemetery and will also help support the many animals at the Humane Society of Greater Miami.

To start your planning and be contacted by a representative, please fill out this form.

In 1936, with the help of his wife Margaret, Charles Pusey began the process of turning his Miami home into a shelter for unwanted animals until enough funds could be raised to provide a suitable refuge for the feline and canine strays of Dade County. Less than ten years after its founding, the Humane Society opened Miami’s first pet cemetery, Oaklawn Pet Cemetery.

The Miami Humane Society, now known as the Humane Society of Greater Miami, is still operating 82 years later and adheres to the same ethical practices put forward by Charles Pusey when the society was first founded.

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