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The Humane Society of Greater Miami has been helping the orphaned and abandoned animals of Miami-Dade County since 1936. Leaving a legacy of love for the animals will help us continue to fulfill our mission of finding a loving home for all the cats and dogs in our care no matter how long it takes, promoting responsible pet ownership and spay/neuter programs.

By identifying us as a beneficiary in your will, trust or insurance policy you can be assured that your passion for animals will carry on for years to come. Some options may also be a great tax deduction!

Once you have made a planned gift in our name, please fill out the Planned Giving Intent Form.

Lifetime Income Plans

Outright Gifts

Estate Planning

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Charitable Trusts -There are several types of charitable trusts for you to choose from. Whether the trust pays a fixed amount based on a percentage of the initial value of the trust (Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust) or pays income based on a percentage of the net fair market value of the trust assets per annum (Charitable Remainder Unitrust), you are sure to find a charitable trust to meet your financial goals.

Gifts of Securities – Donating stocks, bonds, or mutual funds; may reduce capital gains.

Gifts of Real Estate – Gifts of real estate may include undeveloped land, a commercial property, a vacation home, or a personal residence. Whether you give a gift of real estate outright or if you make a gift of the remaining interest in that property while you are still using the property, such a gift may entitle you to sizable tax deductions.

Charitable Lead Trust – The charitable lead trust permits you to make a future transfer of assets to your heirs while providing a regular, fixed amount of income to the Humane Society of Greater Miami for a specified number of years.

Gifts of Cash – This is the simplest and most common way to leave a legacy. It gives immediate support for our mission-focused work and may give you, the donor a charitable income tax deduction in that gift year.

Bequests – You can specify a dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a specific asset(s) in your Will or Trust to our Humane Society.

Insurance Plans – Naming our Humane Society as a sole beneficiary or partial beneficiary in your existing or new life insurance policy is a great way to leave a lasting legacy.

Retirement Plans – 401 (k), IRAs, stocks, and bonus plans are all additional ways to give a lasting gift and may reduce your estate taxes.

It is always best to consult with a financial advisor when making long-term financial decisions; they can best guide you on the planned giving opportunity that’s right for you. Please provide your consultant with the Humane Society of Greater Miami’s tax-ID #59-0711176.

For more information about giving opportunities please contact Ms. Toni Diaz at 305-749-1816 or toni@humanesocietymiami.org.

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