Happy Tails From Our “Finding Love – Cat Ambassadors” Program




Cookies and Cream

Oreo aka Cookies and Cream 3

“Love is blind” took a whole new meaning for Dajae, who fell “head over paws” at the first sight of our kitty, Cookies and Cream, who is blind. After taking her home to begin their lives together, Dajae gave this special needs cat a much needed place where she can finally come out of her shell. Timid meows and frightful hideaways were quickly replaced with meows for attention and head butts to the hand for a scratch on the back. Almost two months have passed since she was adopted, and her life could not be better. The void in Cookies and Cream’s heart is now filled. She is finally at peace and even more importantly, she is home!


Aria1Sweet Aria, who had a significantly longer stay at the Soffer and Fine Adoption Center, also shares a wonderfully happy tail with her hero, Jillian. After having spent more than two years at the shelter, Aria is finally making the most of her time with her wonderful mom in her brand new home. Ever since she brought her home, Aria has given Jillian nothing but unconditional love and affection. “Her purrs and cuddles fill my heart with so much happiness every single day,” says Jillian. She has become the perfect lap cat and cannot stand to spend a second away from her mommy, scratching at any door that separates them until she is let in and nestled by her side again. A truly loyal companion, Aria has devoted her attention to Jillian, who says that she could not have asked for a more fantastic feline.



Who can forget about precious Carrie, who arrived at the shelter in 2011 and after spending more than 1,300 days with us, finally found a special place to call her own. No longer does Carrie stare out the window of her little room hoping somebody will finally come in and choose her. Instead, she spends her days gazing out the window of her OWN humble abode, admiring the beautiful wonders of nature while also keeping watch for any unexpected intruders. Carrie is happy to call herself the protector of her hero, Desire. After all the time she spent in the shelter being overlooked by everyone who came in, Carrie now makes sure her presence is always known and that she is included in all household activities each and every day. Thanks to the program, she is living life to the fullest in her forever home.



Brandon (3)

After the loss of his dear cat of many years, James knew he wanted another cat, but wanted to wait a bit before he began his search. After what seemed like an eternity of searching, James finally came across a picture of Brandon, a 10-year-old, black and white beauty and the oldest cat in the Cat Ambassadors program. From the moment he laid his eyes on Brandon he knew that was the cat for him. “My search for the perfect cat took longer than I would have liked, but in the end it worked out perfectly. I was SUPPOSED to wait for Brandon, and there he was!” says James, who has already introduced his neighbors to his wonderful new addition to the family. Today, Brandon is happier than ever in his new home where he enjoys nightly treats and cuddles from James, who, by the way, has told us he intends on “spoiling him rotten.”

These breathtaking “happy tails” make every effort to promote our cats worthwhile; each poster more valuable; each social media post more special; and each t-shirt absolutely priceless. The efforts of each and every Cat Ambassador are admirable and the possibilities for lending a hand to help these needy paws are limitless.

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