Foster Care Program

Thank you for your interest in fostering with the Humane Society of Greater Miami!
The first step to becoming a foster parent is to fill out our Foster Parent Application Form!

Once you’ve filled out an application, our foster department will review your form and reach out to you with the next steps to get involved! In the meantime, please feel free to check out the different categories of animals in need of foster!

The goal of the Humane Society of Greater Miami’s Foster Care Program is to provide the necessary care for those animals who are better served outside of the shelter or for whom there is no room at the shelter. The foster program also helps to improve the quality of adoptions by making sure that animals sent to their new homes are healthy and of the proper age, giving them the best possible chance to remain in their future home as well-adjusted pets.

The amount of time that someone fosters depends on the needs of the animal. For instance, an animal recuperating from orthopedic surgery may need a shorter time than a day-old puppy or kitten who will need at least six to eight weeks of fostering.

A foster parent assumes the responsibility of caring for an orphaned pet until it is physically and socially ready to be adopted into a permanent and loving home. We provide all necessary food and supplies while you, the foster parent, provide the time, space, physical care, and social attention necessary for the development of these special-needs animals.

Becoming a foster parent can be a wonderfully fulfilling experience. To know that you have contributed to saving the life of an animal that otherwise may not have had a chance is a rewarding feeling that you will never forget.

For more information, email or call 305-749-1818.

Kitten and puppy foster

The Big Dogs Snuggle More program


Drei Kätzchen

Assist staff by taking home orphaned puppies or kittens and caring for them until they are old enough to be spayed/neutered and placed for adoption. These youngsters are just weeks or even days old and may require bottle feeding. Please note that this volunteer position involves a great amount of time and an emotional commitment. These tiny babies may require care around the clock. Children should not handle these fragile pets.

Living in Miami, we experience warm periods of weather at any time, so kittens and puppies here are born throughout the year. However, most litters are born in early spring and late fall, a time known as “Kitten Season.”

We have a special foster care program for our large, longtime shelter dogs. Foster parents can take them home for 1-3 months to provide a loving environment outside of the shelter. This time helps us learn more about the dog’s personality and prepares them for adoption by giving insights into their behavior at home.

Big Dogs Snuggle More foster dogs come with all necessary supplies (food, bowls, toys, bedding, and a crate) along with an “Adopt Me” harness to show they are available for adoption. We encourage foster parents to take them to dog-friendly places like cafes, parks, and adoption events, so potential adopters can meet them!

Sometimes, animals come to us in need of extra TLC. These dogs and cats may undergo surgery or require medication or round-the-clock supervision to ensure a full recovery. By going into a medical foster home, these pets are able to recover and heal in a calm, nurturing environment with someone to give them extra attention and TLC. Caring for an animal who underwent surgery in a home is less stressful than recuperating in a shelter, even in a shelter as clean and medically safe as the Humane Society of Greater Miami.

Please note: All potential Foster Care Volunteers must provide proof that their own pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations and must be spayed or neutered. Additionally, all Foster Care Volunteers must attend orientation.

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