Volunteer Opportunities Within the Shelter

Greeter/Gift Pet Boutique

  • Greet customers and assist them in navigating through the facility.
  • Assist customers in pet boutique.

Administrative Assistant

  • Assist staff with general administrative and office work.
  • Assist with filing animal and adoption records.
  • Assist at the front desk answering phones, greeting guests, inventory.
  • Assist with preparation for special events (stuffing envelopes, mailing lists, etc.).
  • Assist Adoptions Supervisor with follow-up phone calls concerning adopted pets.

Pet Biography Writer

  • Write pet biographies for the cats and dogs that are available for adoption.
  • Bio writing is done after reading through the pet profile and visiting with the pet or talking to staff to get as much information as possible about the pet.


  • Assist staff with potential adopters (assist customers with finding their ideal pet, process adoption applications, help to ensure the pet will be going to a good, permanent home).
  • Assist staff with adoption follow up calls, checking to see how the new pet is settling into the new home. Provide information on pet training and answer any questions new pet parent may have.

Cat Grooming and Socialization

  • Spend time with shelter cats and kittens, play with them and get them used to being groomed and handled by people.

Dog Walking and Socialization

  • Dog Walking – Each dog in the kennel should be taken for a walk daily. Volunteers will help dogs practice loose-lead walking and the commands “wait” and “sit.”
  • Dog Socialization – Both “Quiet Time” (one-on-one time with dog and volunteer, petting, playing and just being together) and Group Socialization (taking specified groups of dogs into the play yard for supervised interaction and playtime).


  • Assist clinic staff with monitoring animals post surgery
  • Sterilize and assemble surgical instruments
  • Clean cages

Animal Intake Receptionist

  • Answer incoming calls
  • Take messages
  • Make call backs to set appointments
  • Maintain reception area

Shelter Vet Tech Assistant

  • Restrain animals while vet tech staff medicates and/or does physical exams.
  • Help vet tech staff get weight and temperature of pets.
  • Assist with documenting information in animal files.
  • Bring animals back and forth from kennel room to vet tech room.

Shelter Pet Groomer

  • Groom (bathe and dry) shelter dogs to keep them in good health and appearance.

Shelter Pet Photographer and Assistant Pet Photographer

  • Take pictures of cats and dogs for website, social media, or for internal use
  • Assist pet photographer by keeping animal in one place, alert and “looking good”!

Kitchen Assistant

  • Wash and dry food and water bowls in both the cat and dog kitchens

Laundry Assistant

  • Load washing machines and dryers with towels, blankets, and toys.
  • Help fold laundry and put neatly in correct piles.
  • Assist laundry staff in keeping laundry room neat and organized.


  • Assist staff with general maintenance and repair work needed within and around the shelter.
  • Assist with general equipment installation.
  • Assist with food bank pick-ups and organizing the inventory that is received.
  • Assist with basic repairs.
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