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Happy Tails

Many thanks to all the wonderful people who have opened up their homes to a new dog, cat, puppy, or kitten. Our adoption program has greatly improved and we are proud to report that in 2012 we placed close to 3,200 wonderful pets into loving homes. The more we adopt, the more we save!  Help us save more animals by adopting today!


We love to hear from our adopters. Post your stories and photos on our Facebook page or email them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it





Hi Everyone! 
This Message is for Dayle, and everyone else who had been a lover of "Fritz" (now known as Hunter). My mother had said Dayle called today to check in on Hunter-- so I thought I would send a picture over! It’s been about nine or so months since we got Hunter, and he's the best little monster in the world... Enjoy the picture-- You all are amazing!"





Frasier and Jillian

I adopted these two cats last November 2012. They are the LOVES of my life. The black and white tuxedo was two years old and had already been adopted and returned, he is the sweetest boy on the planet. The calico was six months old and had been hit by a car and had a broken leg. Both turned out to be perfect pets - Happy Thanksgiving

Selena B.





Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We sure did! This is Benny. We adopted him from you for my son's birthday in June of 2012. He has been so much fun! I even created a calendar of all his cute pictures. He loves to pose!

Jennifer R.





So glad I adopted Aurelius. 

Shannon H.





Esteban was tired on the way to his new home!

Hunter F.




Sheba 2

Sheba (adopted January 2013) in her first New Jersey snowstorm!

Courtney Ann





I can't thank you enough for my Lola

Judy R.




Precious 3

To the valuable team of wonderful staff that took care of my precious...

What a happy, kind, gentle, energetic/couch potato this sweet K-9 is. She has got a great nose to sniff for treats and is an excellent bed warmer. Her four legged sisters and her sleep together all the time. Did you know she loves water? Here she is at the doggy park in a kiddy pool and playing at the dog park. Thank you so much for your generous time and taking care of her and now giving me the opportunity to do the same.

From a forever K-9 mom,




oliver 5

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all you did for Oliver. Let me start by saying that he is the best thing that happened to us, his free spirit, love, charisma and character are just phenomenal and inspiring.

John B.





Edgar (now known as Jonas) made it to his new home safely. After a long day, he finally found the courage to step into his bed and he immediately fell asleep. You guys are incredible and what you do for these animals is amazing. Thanks again for everything!  More pics to come!

Danielle G.





Totally in love with our Winston!

Dee H.





I adopted Roscoe last year in January. He has come a long way and he has been my rock. He gets along with dogs and is learning to trust people. He is my world.

Jessica M.





I adopted Alicia back in February 2013. She is the greatest dog in the world and has changed my whole family's life for the better. She has all the love in the world now.

Jessica Z.





A year ago I adopted my partner in crime, even though the crimes he commits are more towards me, ha ha. He is the most caring, loyal, hyper dog there is. It's our first year anniversary thanks to HSGM for not showing any judgment after I had to give back my pit bull (Violet) back and helped me choose another perfect dog to help with the pain of having to give one of my dogs up.






I wanted to share our one-year anniversary with Miss Penny. We celebrated her birthday with an outdoor birthday breakfast. She has been the best part of my life for the past year and the best daughter I could have asked for.

Daniella P.




Ace Jake

I thought you would enjoy this photo of Jake (Ace) checking out a snowy day in Taos.

Cyndi G.




Benny and Celia

Beni & Celia are now 18-weeks old. They are happy, healthy, and living large (well I guess small... but you get it) Thanks for giving them a great start! We are loving having these two in our lives.





It has been one month now since I adopted Lily (aka Gina). She's shy but incredibly sweet and is starting to come out of her shell. Thank you to Dani, Yvonne, Angela, and everyone else who helped me along the way and nursed Lily back to health. She's been a delight!

Juan P.





Stringer (previously named Goofy) is the best dog. He's great with other people and dogs and seems really happy. The service there was excellent and I recommend Humane Society of Greater Miami to anyone who wants to adopt a pet. There were at least ten others that were hard not to take home. Keep up the great work!

Kyle G.





Thank you, Humane Society of Greater Miami, for my best friend! This is his favorite spot in the apartment. 

Daniel G.





A thank you from Macho and us! He has been with us now for five months and he is doing great. He is funny, smart, and so very sweet. He has fun with our other two dogs. He wears a collar that says "lucky dog", but we are also very lucky to have him.

Raul M.





Here is Shadow Cat (formally Simon) enjoying the backyard. Thank you Humane Society of Greater Miami!

Marisca M.





We rescued our dog Sadie aka Joyce when she was three-months old and she is now a year old! While you all expected her to be 70 pounds, she is a whopping 30 pounds, and my fiancé and I love her to death. She loves to go to work at The Dog MaHall with us and hang out with her doggie friends all day long. She is incredibly sweet to everyone she meets and we couldn't ask for a better dog. Thank you for rescuing our little girl.

Liz F.





This is formally Bitzy who is now Lala playing with Rocky at the park. Adopted on 24th of February. Thank you for all your help. She is very happy with us. We love her very much.

Milton H.





"I adopted this precious girl in March 2010 from you guys. Her name is Chanel. Used to be Pocahontas. She will turn 4 this Feb for according to her adoption papers she was born on Feb 13, 2010. I was born on Feb 9. She has changed my life! I couldn't be happier!"


-Gabriel R.



Leah and Nina

On January 4 2014 I adopted Leah which was formerly known as Rozanda! She is getting along great with her new sister Nina which was also adopted From you guys last year! I was nervous didn't know how they would get along but they are so playful and lick each other!! I couldn't be happier. The small one is Leah and the older one is Nina :-))


-Tina O.




Cutler and bay

"Remember us? We used to live at the Humane Society and our names were Panchita and Meli. We were adopted January 2 last year. We have a brand new home to live in now, that our Mom told us she bought just for us. We're really happy. 

Hope lots of cats get new homes in 2014. 
Cutler and Bay and Lulu (mom)"

-Lulu C.





First holiday with "Jarod" who's now Vincent





This is Molly i adopted her on 9/14 part of that hoardings case... Just as followup Miss Molly has become a real princess Thanks guys!!!


 -Rosalyn A.



Precious 2
What a happy, kind, gentle, energetic and couch potato this sweet K-9 is. Has got a great nose to sniff for treats and is an excellent bed warmer. Her four legged sisters and her sleep together all the time.   Did you know she loves water? Here she is at the doggy park in a kiddy pool and playing at the dog park.
Thank you so much for your generous time and taking care of her and now giving me the opportunity to do the same.From a forever K-9 mom, Kelley:-)




How are you? We hope all is good with you and your family. Thank you for asking about Oliver, he sends you lots of love. Let me take this opportunity to thank you for all you did for Oliver. Let me start by saying that he is the best thing that happened to us, his free spirit, love, charisma and character are just phenomenal and inspiring.

-John B.




  Sasha 1
My name is Sasha. I have a new sister name Tasha and a brother- cat named Dorito. I have a new family!
-Maria P.




THANK YOU, I AM OFFICIALLY IN LOVE WITH PHILO! He fetches, is housebroken and basically the most wonderful dog ever. And he has my eyes!





We adopted Ethan 2 weeks ago. He is a very well well-behaved puppy! 
-Louie W.




We adopted CASH ,on the MACH A THON, we r so happy to have him.we Loved him so much...
- Evelyn A.




  Adonis 2


We love Adonis; he is such a great dog! He enjoys being spoiled, loved and taken care of. And he is even more appreciative than some humans I know.
-Jessie F.





We adopted Heli (previously Lolita) more than a month ago. She is not an angel, but she makes us very happy, she is truly a gift from God.

Yolanda R.


Abby has made herself at home watching tv with her new mommy! We love her and so does everyone else! We are truly blessed to have found such a perfect match. She deserves a happy home and now has it. Thanks for everything guys!
 -Andrea B.



Thank you she was Baily now genesis my little princess
-Xianey P.



POPSIE # 2 (NOBE) adopted by us 12/15/2013
-Gail B.



"I adopted Dane (formally Blackberry) in Jan 2009. He was an owner surrender...boy did his former owners miss out! He is smart, sweet and SO lovable."
-Julisa T.




"This is Monty! I adopted him back in February at 4 months old at the time of his adoption his name was azul but I changed it! Just wanted to send you this to show you how big he's gotten!"
-Adriana A.





I wanted to update you on my activities which have been many and fun as well.  I still take my daily walks 3 - 4 miles a day.  Where we live I am able to chase some ducks which is really fun then I jump in the lake for a swim to cool down.  While here I have gained 4 friends and when we get together we run, run and chase each other all over the grounds what great exercise.  I must also tell you I took a road trip with my best friend to Nebraska what a blast.  Seeing snow was very interesting but a nice change.  We were with some people who had kids and that was really neat to play with them.  They took me out to a local field and I got to chase some pheasants and rabbits wow that was great.

On Saturdays my best friend and I do errands and car rides are my favorite(love my car rides).  We go to the bank, the people give me treats yummy, from there we go to the dog park and I get to run with many other dogs what a great time.  When I get home I must take a nap it is well deserved.  I also got to go to a picnic and play with other friends.  So as you can see since my adoption my life has been very busy and filled with many activities I guess that keeps my young.  I will send you a picture but for now I need to take a nap.


     I can honestly say since we adopted Miko life has been filled with many moments of laughter and joy but with any child there are trying times as well but few.  Everyone that meets him loves him.  He has several God parents who would love to keep him and that is a great feeling knowing if anything would happen he will be loved.  He spreads joy where ever we take him.  What a special addition to our house.




Troy & Miko




Last summer I adopted my dog, Nola (then Sally), from the Miami Humane Society. Now she is my best friend and goes everywhere with me. I wanted to thank you all for rescuing her and all of the wonderful work you do for these animals. I've attached some pictures of my little lady.

Thanks and God Bless!

-Danielle Z.




  photo 1

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that Killian is doing great. He has been amazing! He gets along wonderfully with his new brothers and the kids adore him. Believe it or not he is so well behaved!





Here is a pic of Blossom. She loves to play and cuddle up with my daughter.

-Natazha C.



Hello everybody - a quick update on Samuel the three-legged English Cocker Spaniel. He is doing great! Has a wonderful personality and runs around with our three other English Cockers. Sometimes when he is running all out and turns a corner and because of the missing leg, he crash lands - but he bounces right back up and is completely unfazed. We have a fenced yard around the house that is adjacent to a pasture on two sides. We have a rescue horse out there and a couple of weeks ago, what we believe to be a young female Great Pyrenees appeared. She was seriously mal-nourished and very much afraid of people. She bonded with the horse. After a few days, of feeding and coaxing she would come up to the fence when Samuel, Clyde, Lola and Mocha were out. She would run the fence line which seemed like great fun to her because it was the first time we saw her tail up and wagging. The cockers would run along inside the fence in what seemed to be a blast for all. One time, Samuel went in one direction and the three went the opposite way. On the return trip, it was three cockers running full speed heading east while Samuel was at a break neck pace heading west. The inevitable crash took place - nobody was hurt but for a few seconds all stood around in what seemed to be the dog equivalent to raucous laughter. Thank you Humane Society of North Miami Beach for caring so much - most shelters would have put him down long ago. What a tragedy that would have been. He is such a sweet boy and full of life bringing joy to all the humans and dogs around him. 


-Richard F.


  Allen Comming Home

'First let me thank Meagan and Seth for their kind attention in helping me meet Allen. Allen is a dream...he is a perfect fit with my other dogs and cat...its been two days and it feels like he has been here forever...meant to be.'

-Chris R



  1069920 4940024509688 1221644 n

This is Ranger in front (aka koda) and Shelby in the back
Just chillin !!!

We adopted him on Friday !!!!

-John H.




Mojito is very happy with his new friends. :-)


Wonder W.




Thank you for all of your help adopting our new doggie! He's made himself right at home.

-Amy C.



Scarlet was adopted yesterday and we couldnt be happier to have this addition to our household. She is sweet and loving and exactly what we needed. Dayle was a great help through it all. Thank you so much. Kisses from Scarlet!


-Jennifer C.




Howdy! We just emailed a letter with pictures to you guys with an update about our adventures since we got adopted in January. Check out our pool. We love to play with the water. Happy summer!


-Mc Nelly T.





Got Gabba (known as Gabby to the shelter) back in November and she's been living it up on the beach. Thank you for such a lovable little monster. We may be back to adopt another lil one soon enough!


-Victoria L.




In October 2012,I adopted a dachshund mix dog who at the time was named "Harry". "Harry" who is now named "Sanji" is doing well. He is a lovely dog with lots of energy, he is very popular for his puppy dog looks. I am glad to have had such a great experience with my dog and with the great customer service at the Humane Society.

Alexandra H.




Tommy is very sweet and very fast learner. He loves to sleep.... a lot! He made our family closer together. He misses you guys!

Vanessa M.




Look at Sheba! Photo on left was when I adopted her from HSGM in January. Photo on right was the other day. She has come so far! Such a happy girl now. ?

Courtney A.



  Donatello  Kevin

Donatello & Kevin were both adopted from here! Yes, they came with those names! Lol

Allison K.




We adopted this little guy from one of your Mega Pet Adoption event last fall. He has made such a difference to my life, thank you!!!! :)

Model Pet Photography



  Chloe and Leila

Hi all! I wanted to share with you how is Chloe doing in her new home :) (before was: marie antoniet)

Marie A.




Here is Rascal, an alumni of HSGM, adopted by Debbie Anderson last week. He is doing great and is having a blast with his new big brother, Ruddy. Rascal is now named Sagan and is bringing so much happiness to his new family! Thank you Dale for everything!

Lisa W.




Thank you Lauren for your love and care for Baxter - aka Ruffy

Thank you for saving Ruffy...I named him Baxter now and he's lookin snazzy with his new cut! Such a good boy and quite the bed hog lol

Lauren A.





We adopted Samuel the English Cocker with the amputated from leg. He is doing great. We have a large fenced yard and a couple of other English Cockers. Samuel has fit right in. It's fun watching him run with the others. He has sort of a gallop with his ears flying in the wind. He has no trouble keeping up. I guess we can all take a life lesson from Samuel which is that no matter what life throws at him, he's going to take it in stride. Thanks to the North Miami Beach Humane Society for taking a special effort to make this happen.

Richard F.



  Sandra 1


Remember Sandra, our kitty with the saddest story... she now has a wonderful home and lots of love and playtime. Thank you Rosita for opening your heart and your home to this little angel. And, thank you Ciro, for your big heart and your determination to find a good home for Sandra




adopting poem a.k.a princess from the Humane Society of Greater Miami  was definitely one of the best decisions of my life. I love her so much and she says hello to you guys :-)

Shannon H.




Shane says Hi !! He's a happy camper...

Vicmarie H.





Adopted Maddie 9 months ago and she is amazing! Your volunteers did an amazing job matching me up with her. She is everything I had hope for and more! I hope that I can inspire someone out there looking for a new companion to adopt. Its extra special when you give a chance to a rescue animal. 
Good luck at the event!

Jen and Maddie ;)




Pretty cookie adopted in October. Best dog ever!

Veronica G.



  Luly and Flash 

Hi guys! We adopted Luly and Flash in January. We want you to know that they are both doing great. They attend doggie daycare at least twice a week and we have a trainer coming into the house every week aside to going to the doggie park every weekend. We'll be attending group class very soon and they are getting lots of love and attention. We are just in love with them. We just hope that more people consider adopting pets from the Humane Society and rescue groups.

Mc Nelly T.




Hi, I adopted Sookie (formerly "Isabella") from you in January of 2011. 

Thank you to Arlene and everyone else at the Humane Society for all the great work you do everyday! Sookie is so happy and has come such a long way. We have changed each others lives! ??

Marisa P.




Meet Jack. I got him here and we have been walking for three years to show our gratitude.

Cynthia G. 



This is my cat! I got him there ? He's been great :D
Thank you!

Patricia F.


  Hazel Nut 

This is Hazel Nut. We adopted her 6 years ago from you when she was just 8 weeks old with giant paws! Her name was Tania there and we got her on October 4 2006. Just wanted to let you know she is our furry child and loved more than anything in the world! Thank you so much for everything you do and for saving Hazel Nut!

Melody H.





Here's Gucci (was named Tinker before I adopted him there) at 7 months old. I adopted him on Mother's Day, May 13, 2012 and he was only 2 pounds, 8 weeks and had hookworms. Well, you can see he's one happy camper and out of 5 cats I've ever had, he is the biggest trip and even plays fetch!!! lol I Love My Gucci!!! ?

Candice L.



Lucy, now Lucy Maybell, is doing great in her new home! We adopted her in August. She is a blessing to have, and she is getting stronger everyday.  :)

Alice B.



Aberdeen is now Pepper and her personality it really shining. She's starting to interact with her housemate Bear and things are looking great for everyone. Thanks for the great event this weekend.

Stephen W.


  dobby aka brutus   

Dobby (formerly known as Brutus) adopted from the Humane Society of Greater Miami on June 2012. I took him to the K9 water fest in Broward...he is a crazy but awesome puppy.

Nicole F.


  Tiny Tim   

tiny tim is fitting in with his new family and making fast friends. we've re-named him, micro, because he is a miniature version of his new brother, pygmy.

JoAnn T.






Click here to read the happy tail.


From the minute I saw "Billy," I was intrigued. The adoption counselor put me in a room with "Billy" and "Billy" hid under a chair for an hour.  Billy was mangled, on the street for who knows how long, and extremely scared.  After an hour, many treats, and open arms, "Billy" finally gave me his paw.  It was then I knew "Billy" was really "Lucky" and Lucky would change both mine and his hearts soon enough.  Lucky was groomed, neutered, and had a new home, all in one busy day.  It's now been 3 1/2 weeks and I'm so very thankfully to have Lucky in my life.  He's loving, kind, playful, hyper, the fastest runner in the dog park, half kangaroo (he leaps like none other), spends half of his life on 2 legs, loves the water, fetches, loves ice cream, gives high fives, and is changing my life one day at a time.  Thank you to the Humane Society for saving my Lucky!


Clearly your shelter is the “Rolls Royce” of Humane Societies…
Terrific facility, people and experience-we came for Manny, who we later found out was on “hold” but found Oscar
Even though I called in advance to see if Manny was still available-just a miscommunication I guess
Dayle took care of us when she found out what happened and was amazing!
I think we’ll be OK since we are getting to know Oscar and he is getting to know our 4 year old female cock-a-poo-Zoey.  Since I’m up here in WPB, I can’t take him to one of your vets down South, so the pet insurance will come in handy, for now as We take him to our vet in West Palm Beach, since Oscar has developed Coccidia.  He has a big backyard to romp in, plenty of toys and eats like a horse and hopefully will have a playmate with our dog, which is what we were hoping for. Your e-mail is warmly appreciated and very unexpected.  A great follow-up to hopefully what will be.
A great experience for all in giving Oscar a forever family.


Hi...thank you soooooooo much! I love her....The minute she was carried in the door and I named her, I knew it was meant to be...
Here are some pic's of her in her FURever home...

isa2 isa

I am very happy with Checkers and Checkers is very happy with his new home! I am looking forward to adopting a puppy soon so that Checkers can have a brother or sister to play and grow up with. I am always sharing photos of cats and dogs from your website on my social networks, and I tell my friends and family what a great experience I had with the Humane Society of Greater Miami. I cannot thank you enough for helping me find Checkers and bring him into my home.

Thank you,





Sparkie is doing very well.  We took him to the vet yesterday and he got a clean bill of health.  Thank u!

We ended up adopting three critters: Taj, the kitten Darla and the doggy Washington. My daughters are thrilled with the new additions and initially were worried about my husband's reception of them...he loves cats but definitely did not want a puppy! We resisted the temptation of two adorable puppies keeping him in mind yet Katrina my 20 year old picked Washington. She redubbed him Winston and after "marking" two or three times he is successfully respecting our home and both him and my daughter go on vigorous walks together. Taj is now Nala and enormously intelligent and curious. Probably the Siamese in her. She surprises us all the time with her stealth stalking and we all crack up at both kittens antics as they zoom all around the house. Darla is now Phoebe soon to be respelled as Fibi as Tracy my 21 year old is silly. She curls up with Tracy in bed when not playing and I am so grateful for the joy these pets have brought into our home specifically for Tracy who suffered injuries and is in a wheelchair. Sabrina, my 12 year old takes full responsibility for feeding, watering and litter control. She is stepping up to the chore and while her kitten has not bonded with her as quickly as her previous tabby did we think eventually Nala will. They have there moments with Winston but just little warnings and progress is being made as we found Phoebe and him sleeping on the couch together.

I will definitely refer your location to others and was impressed with the cleanliness and size of the facility. The staff was wonderful too. It was hectic as we arrived late-ish and all three girls were on missions to find their fits. The kittens were chosen pretty quickly and then we needed to find a doggy fit. One of your employees, I think Elaine or Helena was her name went above and beyond with Katrina and the rest of my family. She was wonderful!
After all was signed and sealed we left to return home stopping at Mc Donalds and got a call that silly Katrina had left her wallet on the counter! Another of your amazing employees volunteered to wait and we went back to retrieve it.
All in all an impressive place you run there with dedicated responsible people and great healthy pets. Kudos to you all!

Have an amazing week!
Lisa V.

P.S. I will request that the girls send in some photos of our new family additions as I am not quite that computer literate :)

Larry/Marley is doing great, he has sooo much enegry and loves to play. I'm so thankful that we found him when we did. He has brought a lot of happiness to my family. I also thank you for checking in on him. It shows that you all care about the well being of him and his household.

Thank you Again,

Justin L.

The Landau family adopted Oprah on 11/12/11



Thank you so much for your email. Spot is now another menber of our family he is very sweet and lovely dog we are blessing to have him we traning him now to do his bussines outside (hometraining) we planing to have a vet insurance if you have any information about dog insurance or any recomendation we goin to apreciate very much, say hi to a wondeful staff say hi to Mara and Bianca  and you guys are the only and REAL HEROS!!


Best Regards.
Raul, Maria and Jessica


Our longest resident, Bibi, who had been in our shelter for 412 days and her kennelmate Cooper, who had been here for 220 days, HAVE BEEN ADOPTED TOGETHER!  Their wonderful guardian lives in a farm in Homestead. He was going to adopt only Cooper, but Elizabeth, our adoption couselor volunteer, convinced him that he should adopt both because the two will keep each other company.



Sukari is coming along. At first very shy, not eating and constantly hiding. She found a purrfect spot on a window facing the yard in our family. Is where the sun hits the most. The family is full of joy with her arrival. No regrets and we are sure we found the perfect pet. Looking up her name and meaning, she fits her name. I will send pictures sometime this week. Thank you so much for allowing her to come to our home.

The Torres

Hi ladies.  I thought I would share the attached picture of Chica for you.

She is very well adjusted and my son is just thrilled. He says now he
has his own little family. Chica and Mia (my son's other dog) have become best friends.
They slept togetherfrom the first night they met and play together as if they knew each other forever.
Maria Valeron
Chica was adopted on 11.20.11 at our 75th Anniversary Celebration!






I adopted both from you. Kevin 2 years ago and Donatello almost 2 weeks ago.


Kevin is so happy! Donatello is having fun!