Featured Dogs and Cats

Featured Dogs and Cats

Meet Gypsy and Harley

Harley and Gypsi

Gypsy and Harley are a deeply bonded pair of dogs that have stayed together through thick and thin. After all the hardships they have gone through in their young lives, their love for each other remains strong and resilient.

One gloomy afternoon that they were found roaming the streets, scared, by a good Samaritan. The dogs were so skinny and frail that you could see their bones underneath their muddled fur. Although they were seemingly untrusting of most humans, he saw that their hearts ached for sincere compassion.  It was evident that the two were attached to each other; but it was more evident that they were desperately in need of help. The man could not turn his back to this needy pair, even though he was already caring for several other dogs. After taking them home and nurturing them until they were completely recovered. A dear friend of the Humane Society of Greater Miami learned about Gypsy and Harley and she has brought them to our shelter in hopes that they would soon find their forever home.

Harley 4gypsi 2When the dogs first walked through the doors of the Humane Society, they were terrified. It did not take long, though, for them to feel at home. The warmth and love they received from all the staff and volunteers at the shelter was something they were clearly not accustomed to in their very sad lives. The beautiful, two-year-old chocolate Retriever mix, Gypsy, instantly connected with one of our volunteers, showering him with sweet, wet kisses. Alongside her, of course, was her charming pal, Harley. Their eyes lit up like the fourth of July as they see our volunteers entering their room. Harley stole the hearts of many right away with his gorgeous smile and charisma. Although his fun and goofy disposition attracted lots of attention that he had never encountered before, he never left the side of his soul mate, Gypsy. It was clear that he was her protector, and that he would never leave her side.

Harley and Gypsy are like a long time married couple, always together and watching over each other. The two go together like spaghetti and meatballs; like peanut butter and jelly; like two peas in a pod!

No matter what time it is, whether it’s playtime, snack time or even naptime, the two share each moment together. What they lack, however, is a forever family with whom they can share these special moments. Could it be yours?

Every now and then, we come across animals that teach us valuable life lessons. In this case, the lesson is about loyalty, dedication and love. Gypsy and Harley’s story is one that will touch the hearts of animal lovers throughout the community; but they are still looking for a fairy tale ending. This adorable couple yearns for a family who can take care of them and who they can, in turn, take care of as well. There is no limit to the love Gypsy and Harley have to offer. Open your heart and your home to these wonderful dogs and watch this adorable couple live happily ever after.

Meet Victoria

Victoria (2)Did you leave a bag on the floor?  Well, before you know it, it will be filled with our beautiful Victoria.  No need to buy expensive toys or a play station, just throw a couple of bags around and she will have a field day.  Add a catnip toy, and watch her playful antics beggin!  Although she is very playful, she prefers to be the only apple of your eye.  And when she’s not playing, Victoria just enjoys watching you a
s you go about your day. Often enough, as she gets tired, she’ll come looking for your lap and fall asleep.

Victoria is very loved by our volunteers and is always the first at the welcome window fishing for their attention!  A quiet home with older children would be ideal for Victoria.


Meet Mufasa

In November DSC_16452013, our very special Mufasa, also known as the Lion King, entered the Humane Society of Greater Miami as a three month old kitten. Fast forward almost two years, and you will see in him a true king of his little jungle and a wonderful friend to the other cats in his kingdom. A spicy mix between beautiful, playful and reserved, Mufasa has made several kitty friends during his time at the shelter, but does not feel as comfortable around the human friends. Unfortunately for him, he also had to watch these special friends come and go, while he stays waiting for his turn to come.

Mufasa has not stopped hoping for a special home in which he can finally settle down with a family that will understand him and accept him as he is while he slowly comes out of his shell. He is not a needy cat when it comes to his human companions. He can tolerate being petted on the head or back, but after a few pats he is ready for some space. Mufasa’s not into PDA, so he would not allow you to smother him with hugs or kisses; it might just scare him away and he will certainly let you know how he feels. He would much rather keep his human relationships to develop at a more gradual pace.

Canned food, toys, and other cats make up Mufasa’s favorite things. A playful kitty, indeed, he loves to frolic around with other cats and cannot deny the entertainment of a string toy or a scrunchy ball. This is, however, unless you bring out a mouth-watering can of cat food. Nothing grabs his attention like the sound of a fresh can being cracked opened. At that point, he is ready to be left alone to enjoy his delicacy.

This is not to say that he is an aggressive cat who will attack for no reason. He is just timid and scared of the new and unknown. With the right owner, Mufasa will enjoy many years of showing love in his own special way and being loved in return. He is the perfect cat for someone who is looking for a furry friend to accompany a current cat, or for someone looking for a buddy they can just kick back and relax with.

Visit our Soffer and Fine Adoption Center, call 305-749-1803 or email [email protected] to learn more about these featured animals.
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